~ Sunday, June 28, 2009

If it's raining tonight,
Will you be there as my shelter?

If storm comes from nowhere,
Will you be there to protect me?

If stars stop shining above my night,
Will you be my moon and here by my side?

If I shattered into pieces,
Will you be there to hold me tight?

If the whole world walk out,
Will you stand there stood and still?

If suddenly I lost everything,
Will you still think that I'm your everything?

If tears drop down trough my cheek,
Will you wipe it and held it from falling?

If I say I don't care and walk away,
Will you grab me back and say I'm sorry?

If only I say I don't believe in if,
Will you assure me that it is not IF?

~As I hope there is no If... As I hope there is no uncertainties~
1.56.p.m , Saturday,April 12, 2008, S.A